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5th Grade Remote Learning Choice Board- MATH

Week of April 13th

Due: Sunday, April 19th

Directions: Complete the following assignments for all subjects by Sunday, April 19, 2020Please make sure to complete all “Should-Do” assignments as listed for each subject, the “May-Do” assignments are your choice to pick! “Should-Do” assignments will be graded weekly.

Journal Entries:  Complete a minimum of 1  entry per week, however, you can post as many times as you need. Entries turned into the 5th grade Google Classroom by Sunday, April 19th.

Math- 2 Should-Do’s, Pick 1 May-Do

Should Do:

Go Math Lesson 9.5 PMT on Think Central



Go Math Lesson 9.6 PMT on Think Central




Reflex Math:

Fact Practice



Khan Academy

30 minutes in any area (Geometry, Measurement and Data, Numbers and Operations, or Operations and Algebra)



Remote Learning Information Beginning 4/13/20

Hello 5th Grade Families,

We hope your family was able to find some ways to relax during this unusual Spring Break. We also hope this email finds you all healthy and safe. This week we are starting what CPS refers to as Remote Learning; We are no longer under “Act of God'' days as defined by ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education). Following CPS’s Remote Learning Guidelines, the Garvy staff has tried to streamline our efforts to help families understand these new expectations. CPS Remote Learning Guidelines states, “students are expected to complete assignments and schools are able to grade work, grades will be counted only if they improve a student’s grade and will not negatively impact any student’s academic standing. Students who do not engage in academic work can be issued an incomplete and will be expected to make up incomplete assignments following the remote learning period.”

This is new for all of us, and we will continue to work with you to make it as easy as possible. Our goal is to minimize disruption and confusion for families, and we will continue using familiar materials our students have used throughout the school year. We are using a majority of digital options to provide this learning for your child. “Grading protections are in place to ensure students with limited access to technology and support are not penalized.” If your child is unable to access the internet to complete work, please reach out, and we will work on a plan to offer alternative assignments. Ms. Chron and Ms. Bester have been loaning technology to families in need. Please contact hachron@cps.edu or snelson1@cps.edu  if you still do not have the tools needed at home to complete their learning.

We suggest that your child’s academic goal is 120 minutes a day. The activities are broken down as “Should- Dos” and “May -Dos”.  All “Should-Do” assignments as listed for each subject and are due by Sunday, April 19. “Should-Do” assignments will be graded weekly.  The “May-Do” assignments are your choice to pick!. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us, we are here to help you.

Today's a Good Day Photo for School Website
Hi 5th grade!! I hope you are all staying healthy and safe, I miss you all. I hope you are staying focused and engaged in your learning, but that you are also spending time having fun with your family, like I am with my puppy Vinny! Keep staying positive, happy, and healthy!! Mrs. Domian

E-Learning Assignments and Office Hours

All lessons will be assigned on Think Central and Khan Academy. 

**Please check my Google Classroom for any extra support material that I may be posting throughout the weeks and for any updates. Also, I will make available lessons to enhance learning daily on Khan Academy on the concept being learned. I will be having daily office hours Monday-Friday from 9:00 A.M. - 11:00 A.M. where I will make time to answer any emails and questions regarding assigned work or anything else. I am here to assist you as much as I can through this process.

Please refer to the following schedule, students are to complete two online math assignments per week that will be graded. In following with the ISBE guidelines during school closures, work at this time that is graded cannot negatively impact a student's grade.

Week of March 30th-April 3rd: On Think Central complete: Lesson 9.1 PMT and Lesson 9.2 PMT 

Week of April 6th- April 10th: None Spring Break :)

Week of April 13th-April 17th: On Think Central complete: Lesson 9.5 PMT and Lesson 9.6 PMT

Week of April 20th-24th On Think Central complete: Lesson 9.7 PMT and Lesson 10.1 PMT


Good Morning Garvy Families!
I hope everyone is able to enjoy the sunshine and warmth that we have today.
As things change during the school closure, and for information on assignments, due dates, and grading policies, please visit and join my Google Classroom.
Below is the link:
Class Code to join: 6m7k64v
Make sure to join the class or add yourself onto your child's account as a guardian for instant emailed updates.
Thanks! Hope you all are staying healthy and safe.
Mrs. Domian