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Dress Code


A strictly enforced dress code is needed at Garvy School for the following reasons: student safety, to eliminate distractions in the classroom, promote cleanliness and good hygiene habits, and to encourage school spirit. The Local School Council approved the following dress code for Garvy School students on May 15, 2001 and amended on May 9, 2017.


Any single solid colored shirt, blouse, button-down, polo shirt, or turtle neck. NO STRIPES.

All shirts must have sleeves. Shirts may not have any writing, emblems or logos.

Exception: Garvy logo and mascot may be worn at any time of the school year. (Purchased from the school.)

Pants/Skirts/Shorts/Jumpers/ Capri Pants

Single-solid colored cotton or nylon material bottoms. Any solid color or multi-color vertical stripe(s) down the side of the leg may be worn.

Leggings must have over garment that covers one’s bottom.

Students may not wear breakaway pants or jeans.

The hemline of skirts, shorts, and jumpers must be no more than 3” above the knee, even if leggings are worn underneath.

Shorts may only be worn from April 15th to October 15th. Pants must be worn at the waist. Sweaters/Sweatshirts/Vests Single-solid colored without writing, emblems, hoods, front pockets, and logos. Garvy Sweatshirts may be worn at any time. (Purchased from the school.)


Flat comfortable shoes Gym Shoes Dress Shoes

Hiking Boots & Snow Boots should only be worn to and from school. Students should change into styles listed above upon entering school.

*Open toed sandals, open back sandals, clogs, Crocs, Birkenstocks, Heelys, platform shoes, or heels greater than 1 inch are not acceptable.

If shoes have laces, they must be tied.

Hair Color

Natural colors only: brown, black, blonde, red. Extreme colors and styles are not allowed.

Gym Uniform

Tops-Garvy gym shirt or sweatshirt. Plain white T-Shirt can be worn, no print on the front or back of shirt.

Bottoms- Garvy shorts or sweatpants. Gray, maroon, red, or black sweatpants or shorts. Shoes-Gym shoes must be worn to gym class.

*One-third of student grade reflects student being appropriately dressed for class. Students are expected to wear gym shoes even on days they can come to school out of dress code.


Inside-out shirts

Hats or caps

Bandanas or headscarves


Spaghetti strapped tops

Baggy pants

Hip huggers

Halter or midriff shirts

Pants that are ripped, frayed, stained, or have holes

Tight tops, skirts, shorts, pants

Outdoor jackets, coats, and windbreakers worn in class

Chains/straps draped from or attached to pants

Clothing with writing

Vinyl, leather, or plastic pants, shirts, or skirts

Minimal makeup, no glitter or stickers on the face

Thick, bulky jewelry

Visible tattoos, ink markings on skin, or body piercing; other than earrings for females Make-up/nail polish on boys Earrings on boys (no exceptions)

Sleeveless tops

See-through garments

Sweat bands

Rubber bands

Failure to comply with the above policy will result in administration calling home and requesting that appropriate clothing be brought to school. Should a parent refuse to bring clothing, the student will be provided with clothing from school. Should a parent be contacted more than twice a quarter, the student will receive a check mark on the report card under the heading entitled,” follows school rules.” This would keep a child off the honor roll, if grades deem possible.